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Edge HR is a digital product company within Wise Group AB (publ) which listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Small Cap. Edge HR's mission is to help create safe and fair workplaces in Sweden. Workplaces where people can't be laid off without proper reasons and processes, where there is equal pay and a wise recruitment plan. They do this by offering smart digital products and tools that makes it easier for employers to manage their HR responsibilities.

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New product focused branding

Edge HR felt that the packaging of their brand did not reflect the high standards associated with what they offer. Therefore, they asked us to repackage the entire brand, which would include both a new linguistic and visual identity. 

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The process

The aim was to package the company’s offer as well as their products and services from a customer-oriented perspective. By making a clear relationship between the company’s offer and their products the new identity reflects key values such as: up-to-date, innovative and technologically competent.

Together with Edge HR, Another State were confident that a focus on creating a design system that manifests a clear visual correlation between brand and product would serve as the best foundation for Edge HR's new identity. By creating this, a more holistic impression is formed, helping to signal Edge HR's expertise as well as their products.

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The new brand identity

Through our process we have the ability to secure that our work is aligned with the needs and requirements that come with implementing a new identity in a digital environment. Something that is too often overlooked but something that is always the core of everything we do.

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Another State and Edge are building cross-functional teams of experts to continue the design and craft of Edges digital product portfolio.

Design as a business tool

Edge's new identity has been put to the test through an independent research company; Bilendi and won gold in Resumés contest "Designindex". The study was conducted by national representatives in Sweden, statistically ensured by significant testing where 1500 interviews were conducted.

The results

In summary, Another States work and the new packaging for Edge HR has increased likeability, uniqueness, willingness to pay and purchase intent with over 19%. 

Read more here (in Swedish).


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