Flippin' Burgers

Flippin’ Burgers, a Swedish burger restaurant based in Stockholm, came to us to for help with the relaunch of their new website. Since we are dedicated burger lovers, this was something right up our alley. With the ambition to create something new and unique based on Flippin’s existing brand - where passion, lifestyle and quality are essential values, our main focus was to permeate these values into the digital arena.

Flippin Top Burger
The visuals

By picking up inspiration from the existing brand as well as the restaurant, we created something that we are proud to present; A module-based startpage where the visitor can get the essentials of the site and the brand itself presented in an hawk-eye view, with possibilities to dig down on each section.

Fit's every screen

The site is fully responsive where every screen-size and platform have been taken into consideration. We also created a smart admin where the people at Flipping’ Burgers easily could update dynamic sections, to keep site up-to-date.

Flippin Small Resp Design
Flippin Sections
The feeling

The site results in an solid mannerism picked from the Flippin' Burgers lifestyle and heritage - with an contemporary and inspiring feeling. The site uses authentic, graphics material and shapes, which is inspired from dining area which results a digital extension from atmosphere, feeling and lifestyle from resturant itself.

Flippin Mood Flippin Fonster
Follow up

So if you're even remotely into burgers, beers – or even food and beverages really! Make sure to check out flippinburgers.se. If you're in Stockholm, you could just wipe the drool of your face and head over to the restaurant, to treat that craving you've been building up.