Designing Run Viking

As part of their Run Free activations, Nike Running rewarded a group of selected few, Nike+ runners with an epic experience. A three-days run over the vast, beautiful and untouched terrain of Iceland. The Nike Runviking.

Our mission was to create an identity, visual documentation and graphics for all brand material used during the activation. The overall look and feel had to embody the Nike running approach, but at the same time draw inspiration from the Icelandic heritage.

Runviking Top Groupshot Runviking Large Fulllogo
Designing Run Viking

We aspired to create something that fused old and new. Historic and contemporary. Combining Nike Running with Icelandic nature, mythology and vikings.

When working on the logo and word image, we really wanted the look & feel to be grounded in the Icelandic culture, so we started playing around with authentic viking-/rune- characters. From this we custom-drew a selection of letters that catered to our copy needs, and refined the shapes to make them more legible.

For additional framing and pattern work, we created a custom braid visual, based on the ancient viking knot, which could be used both as a complementary graphic or a background layer.

For the colors we drew inspiration from the Icelandic landscape and it’s ranging characteristics. From green hills and waterfalls, to vast lands of volcanic rock and deep glaciers, to steaming geysers and purple night skys.

Runviking Small Holdingflag Runviking Small Forrestrun Runviking Small Pattern2 Runviking Small Dualtext Runviking Small Northernlights Runviking Small Colors Runviking Large Nightrun Runviking Large Mountainruns

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