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Jobs: Frontend developer

As we are in an expanding phase, we are now looking for a frontend developer to join our team. Lets not get too specific on certain technologies, but you should know the tools of the trade - you have experience in techniques, such as javascript/css/html tools/frameworks/pre-processors and so on. You might have found your favourites; maybe its React, maybe its not. Its not the most important thing for us - we know that each project is different, and that every developer is unique - there are always a million ways to solve a problem, and we want to find the best solution each time. The main feature you should have is the thirst to get out there and try on new things, sometimes outside of your comfort-zone.

Our projects range from building beautiful and pixel perfect websites with eye-catching animations, to physical installations and digital products where you need to put on the inventor-glasses and throw away your tools and regular workflow and just get your hands dirty. We work with exciting startups, brands and organisations who often trust us to try out new things, like develop modern user experiences through chatbots or creating addictive games. We are a tightly nit dev team working closely together, where you get a chance to try your wings - we support each other to grow and become better every day.

You don’t have to know everything from day one of course (we don’t!), but you can contribute to a project with multiple developers, writing flexible code and building web that are visually stunning and works perfectly (always responsive, with optimal user experience, well tested, secure - sometimes with dynamic content; all this should be no news to you). You will work closely with our team of experienced developers and designers, and together we will make magic!

Send a short introduction and link to your Github / digital portfolio to

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