A levitating shoe

Sometimes you see or hear something that makes you go “Oh mama! That would be perfect for this or that brand!” - And this is exactly what happened to us when the idea for this project was born.

Our good friend Simon Morris was experimenting with the repelling force from magnets, to make various objects levitate. And at the same time we had begun talking to Nike about doing a project together. Somewhere in the middle it struck us that, what would better describe the relation between “Air” and Nike sneakers - than an actual Nike sneaker levitating freely in thin air!?

Nike Air Splash
Airborne prototype

With this insight we started working on a prototype... Which basically meant us carving a big hole in a Nike sneaker and embedding a magnet where there previously had been a chunk of nice cushioning sole. After some swearing and additional calibration of the magnet and repelling base-plate (upon which the magnet rested) - we got the sneaker to levitate(!). We put together a quick video of the prototype-build, to help Nike see the full potential of it - and they loved it. It actually happened to align great with an upcoming promotion they were planning to do - an hommage to the iconic Air Max, with the tagline “Air reinvented” - It was a perfect match!

Deus ex machina

We got contracted to create a live version and the actual installation was exhibited at the prestigious Stockholm sneaker store Sneakers n’ Stuff. The final version also boasted a hidden construction with motorized rails that carried the magnetic base-plate. These were hooked up to an Arduino-kit which in turn was controlled by a joystick - allowing visitors to seemingly fly the levitating shoe around, inside of the exhibition glass box.

Nike Air 3 Nike Air 4

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