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Chatflights joined forces with Another State. We facilitate all crafts coming to UI/UX and brand visualization. Another State serves as preferred partner to Chatflights with competences in design and development as well as innovation processing for creating the Chatflights concept and brand.

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We have been working from a user-centric perspective to create an experience that is as seamless and intuitive as the current market situation demand. UX is always the holistic result of all efforts to deliver on-point experiences based on research, analysis & thorough understanding of the user.

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We have designed the complete user journey both from a product and brand perspective. Our design process facilitates the possibility to execute efficiently and secure a coherent experience. The product that we develop is everything. If that does not fly (pun intended), nothing else matters.

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Chatflights is more than an application, its the framework for how travel services can be executed in a disruptive way based on a user-centric approach. Our research clearly showed us pain points in the user journey of interacting with booking services and airlines and the product is the solution for this. 

During 2017 we launched the Chatflights native iOS MVP and we continuously support Chatflights in their journey within travel tech and in their aim of creating the most seamless and intuitive way of booking and managing flights.

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