A new digital prescence

Zimpler turned to Another State with challenges within branding, identity and digital prescence. We designed a new digital home and in the process filled the gaps in Zimplers visual principles.

Zimpler Website Mockup

We chose to use website design elements as a methodology to create and produce all missing assets within the current identity and thereby help Zimpler to efficiently implement a visual identity far more intricate than its predecessor.

Zimpler Moodboard 3

First we restructured the website based on a more user-centric and business-oriented approach. Our work process streamlines pre-production and lets us find a main purpose of the digital product as smoothly as possible. In Zimplers case we needed to take three parts into consideration.

Product focus with aims to legitimize Zimpler as the responsible brand they are and the fair operations they run. At the same time we explain the product we try to also define the context of usage. 

Zimpler Mönster 2

Brand visualization and missing creative assets needed to be invented though the project.

Last but not least, dynamic CMS with language handling, thought through UI / UX and scaleable technical infrastructure. The result is a web presence based on multiple new scaleable design assets, patterns, illustrations and objects. Interactive demo of the product, purpose and context defined, scaleable dynamic content managed in Craft CMS combined with more fixed interactive assets that create an intricate interaction design. 

Zimpler Platforms

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