A concert in 360 degrees

To promote the new 360 speaker, Samsung teamed up with Icona Pop to create a live online concert that was experienced from all 360 angles. The concert was live streamed exclusively to 360 fans, digitally seated around the stage, as Icona Pop performed their new single ‘F.U.’ for the very first time.

Case 1 Samsung360 Small Roddare3 Samsung360 Small Tittapaskarm
Live performance

Samsung have developed a series of 360-speakers, enabling one speaker to spread the sound in a room, from one spot. The great thing about this is that every spot in the room is a great spot - and in this project we helped Samsung and DDB to transfer that idea to a concert… But not the regular get-elbowed-in-the-face kinda concert - more like a modern “online-only 360 degrees concert”. Sounds pretty neat, right? The awesome progressive electro pop duo Icona Pop are known for colourful and innovative live performances, and was a perfect fit for this kind of event.

Samsung360 Small Teknikerskarmar
Samsung360 Small Cameraseats
360 experience

In the same way as the speaker from Samsung has no bad angles, the 360 concert had no bad seats… No matter where you’re seated, your sitting front-row. Getting all the good stuff from the talented Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo of Icona Pop, at all times.

Through streaming the video from cameras rigged around the stage, we could assign a seat to every visitor - 360 persons were chosen, through an online competition, and “seated” at an angle, where they would watch the complete performance - from their computer or smartphone.

Samsung Stage
The seats

To secure your invitation and seat at the online concert, you had to partake in a contest, where dedicated fans could get access to super-secret unlocking codes, by following different social media channels of Samsung and Icona pop, where we released the codes during a two week contest and teaser phase.

By sending in one of the codes, the first person would get a ticket. When the concert started, you would be able to jump right into the video-stream with your ticket.

Samsung Iconapop Ui Start Samsung Iconapop Ui Concert Case 6
Samsung360 Small Ui Showsnotover
Open for everyone

In the week after the concert we decided to release the full experience, but now as a more immersive experience - giving something to the fans who couldn’t snatch a seat at the concert. Now we made it possible to watch the concert, and change angle, while watching it - like some sort of teleportation, I guess. But this is internet, and with some JavaScript magic, there are no limits!

64 million impressions

Icona Pop played their new single F.U. for the first time ever in the concert, and made a great performance according to us - and we’ve seen the full concert from all angles, so we should know!

During the campaign the 360 speaker sold out in the Swedish webshop, and the campaign had a total of more than 64 million impressions.

Samsung360 Small Bw Performance

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