Sex under the influence

How do you talk about something serious, yet being playful to keep the readers attention? In this project we built an interactive experience to show what happens to your body when having sex under the influence, by giving the user control over the content, in a fully responsive and mobile-adapted video-presentation.

Iqliggometern Ui
Creating a relatable experience

Researchers have found that most of us have had sex while being drunk - not a surprise maybe… But it might be a bit touchy subject, which is hard to talk about with young adults. Since you might want to back your arguments with something substantial, it will get a bit technical (and boring?), when you present your scientific findings. This sounds like a challenge for each parent with a teenage child - but it also became a challenge for us, when Edelman Deportivo approached us with a project for IQ.

In the same way as a caring parent, IQ wants to be able to communicate about what happens to you (and your partner) while having sex under the influence. The challenge was to do this in an engaging way, while also being serious. The data can easily become hard to relate to, and the viewer might lose interest if there isn’t something that speaks directly to him or her.

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Education through interaction

The solution is a campaign site where the user can discover and interact with the findings of a research, made especially for this project. Backed by scientists the different effects on your brain was coupled with how you interact in bed.

Basic sex-science that is, nothing strange with that. 

Strictly in the name of science

To make this a visual experience, with relatable content, we helped the client to record some sex-scenes of what might actually happen during an intercourse with two drunk lovers. Now we have to emphasize that we’re not into making grungy sex-tapes - we did this strictly in the name of science, in a highly controlled environment! By the bed there was a scientist commenting on what was going on, together with playfully illustrated indicators of how the actors body is affected by the intoxication.

Seamless booze control

The main interaction in the site is to change the amount of alcohol that the actors have had. To make this a seamless experience we had a motion-rig, capturing all the scenes with a constantly moving camera. When switching the intoxication-level, we simply switch the video and since the camera will be at the same position, it will look like your just switching the actors position. Pretty neat! The challenge was having six different videos loaded and ready to play at the exact same frame at all times.

Iqliggometer Sitescreen
Steamy statistics

The Sexometer received great exposure, boasting an earned media reach of 12 million (in a population of ten million people!). It was internationally highlighted in Creativity Online and Contagious, as well getting covered in a range of swedish media, such as MetroTV4Nyheter24 and Feber.

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