A new UX for news

As part of targeting a younger crowd and set focus on user centric digital product development, Swedish state-owned multi-platform news-channel P3 Nyheter wanted to broadcast news through a Messenger bot. Our mission was to design an experience where you would be able to customize what kind of news you would get, and interact with the news stories to dig deeper.

P3Bot Top Mockup

Catering to every need

Since the Facebook Messenger API allows us to "talk" to each user individually, we could allow the user to interact with the bot to control which news categories was interesting. This way you get your own curated news feed - and that´s pretty neat when there is a lot of noise and desinformation out there.

P3Bot Full Image 2

Designing the experience

We built a custom tool where the editors could build and create each story in levels - each level combining text, images, video and audio in the chat, to tell the story in an engaging way, every time. This way the user gets a glimpse of the news, when it is broadcasted, and decide wether to read more, one step at a time, as if the news channel itself is talking back to you through the chat window.

P3 Full

Wherever, whenever

The broadcasted news will arrive as a regular chat messages, displaying a notification. This gives P3 Nyheter the ability to be present at any time - also sending out urgent news to all connected users!

Img 4639
Handmockup 01

Personalized feed

The format of news works very good in the Messenger chat, giving an overview of broadcasted news, and giving users the possibility to scroll back to news they haven´t read and interact with the chat-bubble to get more in-depth info. Read more at Sveriges Radio P3. Or watch the great commercials from Advertising Agency - ANR BBDO

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