Designing for conversion

Bambora teamed up with Another State with an ambitious target. To relaunch a new global web presence within 6 months towards new target groups. The mission was to build the web experience of the future that also support the strong growth, lead generation and scaleability that Bambora demanded.

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An important foundation when moving as fast as this project called for is to build on a high level of trust both within the organisation and in the workgroup. We therefore started the project by conducting a prototyping phase to facilitate the possibility to not only explain but even show all stakeholders the end result in pre-production.

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The prototyping approach

The prototyping phase was built upon principles of the Google Ventures ”Design Sprint” that is like a “greatest hits” of business strategy, innovation, behavior science, design thinking, and more - in a turnkey solution for any team to use. Another State facilitates sprints as a part of our work-process and also as isolated entities.

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One team

Bambora set the expectations high both on the experience side but also on the technical infrastructure. We teamed up with Bamboras internal Dev Ops team to work as one unit with a clear goal to build a highly scaleable and secure environment.

A basis for this project was the joint team setup. This is something that we are particularly thorough about. To erase the client to agency boundaries and be able to form a workgroup that rely on each other and work towards the same goal as ONE team.

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Modular web design

Bamboras business and product suite is diverse and the design system needed to control numerous different types of content and at the same time give the editor freedom. Our teams worked closely together developers and designers as one unit to facilitate both a custom experience and editorial freedom at the same time without compromise.

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Content Management

We early decided that the demands on the website made it impossible to use the enterprise CMS that the earlier site ran on. We identified Craft CMS as the best choice for handling modular content and the dynamic design system that we invented.

The devil in the details is a user first web platform based on high ambitions and continuous development that sets the bar for what the UI and user interface must be able to handle. The level of detail is intricate and the possibility of combining the modules is almost countless.

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Based on strong trust and structured product owners we managed to ship the project in time. The foundation for running this project has been used as a benchmark in lectures and workshops and is awarded:

— Mobile Excellence Award - Awwwards & Google
— Honors - Awwwards
— UX Public Vote - CSSDA
— UI Public Vote - CSSDA
— Innovation Public Vote - CSSDA

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