Simplifying Insurance UX

By asking less of the user we turned Moderna Försäkringar’s platform into a user-first service based on a unifying design system.

Moderna 01
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From curious to fully insured in just a few steps

Data showed us that once users get in touch with Moderna they are already pretty close to making a decision, guiding them into the purchase process gave them the missing pieces — price and coverage.

Relevant and focused simplicity

To streamline the path to purchase we prioritised information and integrated content with flexible functionality, because users aren’t coming to here to browse.

Moderna 03
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Flexible and easy to manage

Users are constantly changing their behavior so we made it easy for editors to test, adapt and optimize new products and campaigns in just a few minutes.

A scalable user-interface

Our design system makes it possible for Moderna Försäkringar to quickly put together new products and start selling them on any of their multiple platforms. 

Moderna 09

To satisfy user’s needs the design system was built around smart component that focus on purchase.

Moderna 10
Moderna 06

A collapse and expand feature became a central UI element in the design system, allowing different levels of information to be displayed.

Moderna 08
An award winning user-first platform

After launch the platform attracted 10% more unique and curious visitors and within a few months sales increased by 50%. The site also won the Episerver Web Awards 2016 in the category “Best Lead Generating Website”.

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