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On behalf of Lloyds Pharmacy, together with the communications agency Abby Priest, Another State designed and developed a digital service called the "Public Health Algorithm" (Folkhälsoalgoritmen) which as successfully launched in February 2020.

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The purpose of the service is to enable the user to quickly get an idea of how high the risk of seasonal disease is within their geographical area.
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Big Data

By asking the user to enter their address, the service retrieves data from Google Trends on disease-related searches in the specified area, which are then verified against the Public Health Authority's actual disease reports and presented via a so-called "heat map" on top of a traditional satellite image.

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Explore for more

The user can then freely explore the map himself so that he can compare his area with other parts of the country. As a complement to the map, all data for each area broken down into graphs and charts are also presented to those who wish to elaborate further.

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A tool for e-commerce

To create an added value for the user, the probability figure for the own area is also linked to the webshop at Lloyds Apoteks, where the corresponding figure is given in percentage discount on products.

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